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APRIL 15TH 2024

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Inspire Yourself

Can-Am Wrestling first opened its doors in 1993. In the past 3 decades, it has earned a reputation as one of the premiere training facilities in North America. A reputation that was built by producing dozens of graduates now regarded as the very best in the wrestling industry. Whether you want to be a wrestler, referee, manager or just have an interest in all that goes into being in the ring. Can-Am prides itself on being the best and expects nothing less from every graduate representing us around the world.

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16 Week Semester

3 classes/week

Classes Start November 6 2023 7pm

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First Portion
In the first portion of the semester, students will be introduced to the basics of pro wrestling. Learning how to control your body as well as your opponent's, running the ropes, increasing your fitness level to be able to complete and be successful at drills is the basis of being a pro wrestler.

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Second Portion
During the second portion of the training semester, students will have a focus on knowledge and technique. Wrestling is a combination of many different styles and approaches from across the globe. You will be expected to learn the basics of all of them to set you up for success no matter the situation you may be put in once you start your career.

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Third Portion
The final portion of the semester is where you combine all the tools learned from the beginning. You will be introduced to more advanced techniques, learn ring psychology, and finally begin to have training matches of your own. Before graduating, there is a necessary level of fitness and understanding you must obtain to successfully complete the course to move on and compete safely.



Coach Scott D'Amore
Scott co-founded Can-Am alongside "Irish Mickey Doyle in 1993. He has over 30yrs experience in the business as a wrestler, manager, and on-screen personality for every major wrestling company around the world. He is also responsible for training and mentoring some of the best wrestlers in the past 3 decades. Scott is also currently the President of Impact wrestling. 


Head Coach Josh Alexander
Currently wrestling for Impact Wrestling and for promotions around the world. As a former Impact World Champion Josh brings 2 decades of experience as an active wrestler to the table. Well regarded as one of the best in-ring talents in the world, there is no one better to teach the next generation here at the Can-Am Dojo.

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Assistant Coach John E. Bravo
Currently working behind the scenes for Impact Wrestling, Bravo brings over 20yrs experience in the wrestling business to the Can-Am Dojo. Bravo has been a wrestler, trainer, referee, and manager throughout his time in the business.


One Time Payment - $3200

Monthly Payment Plan - $600 Down Payment/$300 Monthly, Totaling $3900

Once tuition is paid in full, you are able to use facilities and participate in class for life. 



To inquire about enrollment or if you have any questions please email:

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